Alleviate Stress

Wow what can I say about stress – other then I am dedicated to reducing it!

Stress feels like it is the modern blight on our society

We all exist with Information overload, working to hard, processed foods, instant gratification and a myriad of reasons that as a society we are becoming more and more stressed. This is having a huge impact on our health and we owe it to ourselves and our families to responsively take control and reduce our stress.

85% of all UK adults are experiencing stress on a regular basis
39% of UK adults admit to feeling too stressed in their day to day lives

Woman are substantially more likely to be stressed then men.

Money, work and health issues are the most common cause of stress in our modern world.

The good news is – Stress can be managed easily with the right help – and you can take back control of your life quickly.

When working with you –

  • We establish together how you are feeling, and what symptoms you have from stress in your life.
  • I look at your whole life – your lifestyle – physical activity – nutrition – sleep patterns – relationships both current and past
  • I develop a program that will benefit you effectively and quickly
  • Perform change interventions using NLP and Hypnotherapy 
  • Teach you strategies to cope with daily life
  • Teach you how to meditate
  • Help you implement the changes needed to be in control and calm

How many sessions will you need?
That depends on you, everyone is unique.
From experience I have had excellent results from a course of only 3 sessions.
3 in-depth sessions one per week – sessions lasting anything from 60 minutes to 120 minutes. I am not a clock watcher, you will be given the time you need in each session.  You will never feel rushed and I will make sure you  are respected and take things at your own pace so that we have covered everything you need in each session.

You can book a single session at £100 per hour or part thereof
You can book 3 sessions together (average 4- 6 hours) for £349

“I was so nervous, I had never seen a therapist or coach before. Jackie put me at ease from the moment I met her. I used to get overwhelmed with my stress and was considering changing my job. I would feel sick and get headaches and often felt unwell.

I had four sessions with Jackie and manage difficult situations at work so much better now. I do still feel stress building in me, but Jackie taught me the tools I need to keep it under control and not feel ill. I would highly recommend anyone to go and see Jackie.”


Gerrards Cross