Couple’s Harmony

I absolutely adore a good love story and go all soft and mushy when I hear one. But I also believe that it is possible for any two people that have the same or similar value systems to live a blissful loving life together.

I have created an outstanding package designed specifically for couples who are intending to commit to a life time together either in the conventional way of marriage or living together with the intention of long-term commitment.

A perfect engagement or marriage present

This is a 12 session package where we look at all aspects of your relationship.

  • Look at your values and what is important to each of you
  • Look at how to communicate better
  • How to understand each other fully
  • How best to support each other in the good times and the bad times
  • How to goal set and plan for the future
  • How to get over an argument quickly and effectively
  • How to be a true partnership
  • How to accommodate each other’s differences
  • How to be completely content and happy with each other

I will see you both individually and as a couple. The sessions will be fun and informative. You will learn so much about yourself and your partner and you will see improvements and the ripple effect of this positive journey through out all aspects of your life.

12 sessions

Each session will take between 60-90 minutes

You pace this package to suit you – I can see you once a week or once a month that is entirely up to you.

Cost – £1190