Pain Management

Teaching you how to manage your pain without drugs, or in conjunction with prescriptive pain management.

In 2014- 2015 I experienced over whelming pain from a post-operative blunder and an extreme negative reaction to chemo therapy. The prescription drugs were making me feel ill and were not touching the pain; so I learnt how to hypnotise myself and how to relieve the pain completely and drug free.

This was such a huge relief and gave me the space to start healing without being drowned in pain and drugged up with medication.

I am passionate about helping other pain suffers to learn how to do this.

This session will take between 90 – 120 minutes

Cost – £99

“I had a car accident 8 months ago and I had been on heavy pain meds since. I was introduced to Jackie and she has taught me how to control my pain without the pills.

She taught me how to meditate and believe that I can get full movement back again in the future.

I recommend you see Jackie!”