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“Over quite a few years you have been instrumental in helping me work through difficulties when my business was growing very quickly. The physicality of the work was tiring and the stress of making many decisions in areas where I had not been before sometimes seemed insurmountable. This also spilled over
to my personal life. However our sessions together helped me work things out to a very satisfactory conclusion.
This year I sold the business and retired. I spoke to you about this and I decided I wanted to take your Breakthrough, Prime Concerns and Designing Destiny Course so that I can enjoy the fruits of my labour
and achieve all the things I have spent years wanting to do. We had 15 hours over two days where we worked on some of my limiting beliefs about myself, making sure I am in harmony with my life values and
helping me to have as much confidence that I can do anything in retirement as I naturally did with my business. At no time did you make me feel uncomfortable. I made all my decisions once we had worked through various scenarios and I came away at the end of it in a very calm and contented place. I have slept
the best for years and feel joyful about my years ahead. Amazingly over the last few days many friends and family have said how well I look. I had unknowingly been carrying baggage. Now I am free from it.
I will never be able to thank you enough.”



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Life Coaching in Amersham

We have to step back and look at the whole picture to see everything clearly.

That is why I have called my business Whole Life Coaching

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