“Thank you so much for your time, experience and talents in NLP to help me with my long challenged
issues related to paper clutter. It was helpful to have a short background on the history and origins of NLP
to put things into context. However, the real value to me was the time and care you put into our three
sessions to help me:
1) visualise what success would look like,
2) eliminate artificial roadblocks, and
3) develop self motivations to implement and complete the short-term tasks, as well as carry on with those
learned actions into the future as life-long patterns.
I have definitely made progress and am compelled to see this through until this higher standard becomes a
natural part of my daily routine.
Many thanks for your kind and thoughtful guidance and assistance.”


Chesham Bois

“Over the years through my business and networking I’ve come across several people who have
businesses in NLP. I never thought I’d ever need to seek help for myself until two weeks ago.
I met Jackie some 18 years ago and briefly a couple of times since then. Finding myself in a desperately
low place with a marriage under tremendous strain and no self-esteem I needed to seek some answers I
turned to Jackie for help. Unsure what was involved I sat before her hoping to find some answers.
Through Jackie’s expertise and a simple process that she uses it wasn’t long before we unravelled some
rather interesting and poignant experiences from my past that were making me channel my energies on a
worthless path. Learning new mechanisms to rid them and giving me new tools to approach things in
different ways, evaluating what I truly have instead of what I think I don’t. Has been unbelievably up lifting.
At the end of our session I left with a firm answer as to what is important to me and worth fighting for. As if
a huge fog had cleared. Throughout my time with Jackie I felt in a very safe place, never judged, criticised
or mocked. Just safe in the hands of a true professional.
I have no hesitation in recommending Jackie. NLP is her true vocation for sure. An amazing lady whom I
am very thankful to have found.”


North Wales

“I would like to let everyone know how brilliant Jackie and NLP are.  She has completely changed the way I
eat and perhaps more importantly, the way I feel about food. I no longer feel stressed about it, I eat what I
wish – and because of NLP and Jackie’s help what I wish is to make healthy choices and eat smaller
portions –  and as a result I am steadily losing weight.  
I do not feel deprived as I have on diets before because I understand that I am not on a diet and never will
be again, I am just making the best choices to create the body I want.
Thank you Jackie, you are fabulous.”



“Jackie put me on the path to have the life I always wanted and did not know how to get.
With thanks”



“Over quite a few years you have been instrumental in helping me work through difficulties when my business was growing very quickly. The physicality of the work was tiring and the stress of making many decisions in areas where I had not been before sometimes seemed insurmountable. This also spilled over
to my personal life. However our sessions together helped me work things out to a very satisfactory conclusion.
This year I sold the business and retired. I spoke to you about this and I decided I wanted to take your Breakthrough, Prime Concerns and Designing Destiny Course so that I can enjoy the fruits of my labour
and achieve all the things I have spent years wanting to do. We had 15 hours over two days where we worked on some of my limiting beliefs about myself, making sure I am in harmony with my life values and
helping me to have as much confidence that I can do anything in retirement as I naturally did with my business. At no time did you make me feel uncomfortable. I made all my decisions once we had worked through various scenarios and I came away at the end of it in a very calm and contented place. I have slept
the best for years and feel joyful about my years ahead. Amazingly over the last few days many friends and family have said how well I look. I had unknowingly been carrying baggage. Now I am free from it.
I will never be able to thank you enough.”



I’d suffered with depression and bouts of insomnia for years; going to bed had always been a trigger for my anxiety as I found it very hard to switch off and relax. I have always used distraction and being busy as a tool to avoid my thoughts. In recent years I have used my beautiful daughter as my biggest distraction and found I could feel “normal” as long as she was there to occupy my mind but as soon as I put her to bed I could feel the panic begin to swell. After a succession of unfortunate personal events my general anxiety became a lot worse and I was having panic attacks on an almost
daily basis. I dreaded going to bed, avoided all social situations and wouldn’t drive on the motorway in case a panic attack occurred while driving. I begin panicking about having a panic attack. I was depressed and emotional, largely due to being exhausted from nightly panic attacks and then juggling a baby and a job. I felt hopeless that I was never going to stop having the panic attacks.
In a three sessions Jackie helped me to understand my panic attacks, my triggers and gave me ways to overcome them; either through specific NLP interventions or by simply talking through and
understanding my thoughts in a clear and logical way. As well as giving me guidance on changing my thought patterns. I came away from my sessions with a different outlook on my past and my future. I
no longer feel hopeless. I truly believe that I can and will live a very happy life. Thank you for your support xx


Bourne End